Graphic Design Team Project 1

This project for me reiterated a lot of what Matthew was trying to portray in his way of working and  methodolgy in Monday’s lecture in that we were encouraged to research through design and to get our ideas down on paper or on screen as soon as possible so that we could discuss and be critical about our own work and each other’s. I found this incredibly helpful and confidence boosting as I could see the process in full effect. The comments I received on my designs where very helpful and I felt it was important to be honest and critical about each others designs. The comments I recieved gave me some ideas to pursue and threw up some alternatives which I could try which I hadn’t necissarily thought of before. I also recieved a comment regarding the style of a particula letter I had used which I hadn’t really considered before, but once pointed out I could completely empathize with, helping me improve and refine my initial designs.

Feedback and final designs

After my feedback on my initial designs I decided to proceed down the route of a tree based logo as for a lot of people this highlighted the scandinavian aspect. I looked at different ways of applying the logo to see what I could come up with. I looked at having the tree as a stand alone logo as well as putting it inside a circle or rounded square, similarly to the i phone logo. This gave the logo quite a modern look to it, but withdrew some of the presence the tree had on it’s own as a logo. I then looked at overlaying the tree on to a green box so that only part of it was visible. This I felt worked really well as it wasn’t instantly recognizable as a tree but maintained the scandinavian feel. Having put the logo inside a rectangle this also added easy application for some typography, so I used a stylish sans serif in a light weight to add the name scope. I chose a san serif because I wanted to maintain this northern european look which I believe I have achieved as many san serif fonts where developed in europe in the early 20th century, such as helvetica, which may not necessarily have been scandinavian, but still maintain a european, stylish aura which when coupled with the tree icon works particularly well.

Having come up with a design I was fairly happy with I spoke to Peter who suggested that I look further into scandinavian artwork to perhaps come up with some alternatives for my tree design, as the one I had at the moment could be improved visually. I therefore focused more on the form of the tree, I investigated a simple christmas tree style design, a flamboyant curved design, and 2 that where more based upon some scandinavian designs that I had picked up on during my research. One of the designs I developed was fairly detailed and incorporated a lot of overlapping lines and edges. I therefore decided to proceed with this idea as I could see that it would work well if it was cropped by a box in the same way i had cropped the initial tree design.

I decided to keep the type in the same style as I felt i had already conveyed the sense of luxury and style with my chosen typeface. I also investigated how I could possibly use my tree design as a standalone so that the entire detail of the tree was visible in some aspects and could be used as an accent across an entire branding project.


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  1. Nick Dachris Says:

    Excellent story developing here! Keep it up!

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