Tutorial Feedback 2

For my second tutorial I was asked to create a mood board to help me recognise my target audience and visualize what it is I actually want to produce. The images where generally of journals from the 90’s based around conceptual typography such as fuse and emigre, as well as modern design magazines such as computer arts and design week.

Ideally i would like to marry together the two main aspects of these designs. I want my magazine to be based around conceptual typography so this needs to be apparant in each edition, perhaps by devising a theme for each edition. I want to market my magazine however in the same way modern design magazines are and to give them a similar look to make them appeal to modern graphic designers.

Since my last tutorial I have also been looking a lot into Emigre journals, one that particulalry stood out for me was the ‘Rant’ edition which highlighted the issue of a vast majority of designers absorbing popular trends and styles of the moment and just reproducing them, this is something that I believe is being promoted and encouraged by modern design magazines such as computer arts which include monthly tutorials on how to recreate the styles and techniques of existing designers, which I belive must be having a negative effect on the ammount of individual work that is being produced.

I want to identfy whether this is happening in the typeface market as well. Many of the current font foundries I have identified so far appear to be marketing new typfaces in a way that deems them to be popular, trendy and the latest style. Is this causing designers to download these fonts and create their designs based around them? Rather than developing a style and concept and then identifying a font to match the design?


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