Serbian Typeface Design

Sinisa Komlenic

Clutchee is an artsy display face by serbian designer Sinisa Komlenic, much of what I have seen from modern Serbian typeface design tends to be these very bold and contemporary  looking styles with the white space of each letter being made up of interesting disections into the letter forms.

Dimitar Vuksanov

This typeface by Dimitar Vuksanov, named Branko Kockica is another example of a heavy counterless display face. This tyepeface however does include cyrillic letterforms which is not always the case with some Serbian designs which tend to just stick to latin.

Branko Bobic

Branko Bobic has a very consistent style of typefaces to his name, all of which again display fat, counterless artsy characteristics. This is one example by the name of Aero Frog; again the letters are heavy, bold and utilise cutaway sections to create whitespace within the letterforms.


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