Bodoni and the Italian Font Scene

Now that I have a concept to work from I now need some contextual research to go on. I know that I want to combine both Italian and English styles and create a typeface which merges the two looks. Traditionally the first famous typeface to spring top mind is Bodoni:

Working with this font requires care, as the strong emphasis of the vertical strokes and the marked contrast between the fine and thick lines lessens Bodoni’s legibility, and the font is therefore better in larger print with generous spacing.

Bodoni was designed between 1909 and 1939 by Giambattista Bodoni and is characterised by it’s contrasting thick and thin strokes, as the description on myfonts states this stark contrast in strokes makes Bodoni more suitable as a display face. This is something that could be useful in emphasising particularly with my design making my display face more italian looking with subtle English influence and vice versa for my text face.

The Characteristics of Bodoni resonate in much of Italy’s contemporary typeface design, here are some examples;


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