Caslon and the English Font Scene

William Caslon was an English typeface designer practicing in the 1700’s he generated many serifed faces which where praised for their remarkable practicality. This makes the typeface Caslon, which was designed in recognition of William Caslon’s work an ideal starting point to look at for generating the English side of my typeface as I want the English aspect to be more prominent within the book or text face for my typeface family.

Ideally suited for text in sizes ranging from 6- to 14-point, Adobe Caslon Pro is the right choice for magazines, journals, book publishing, and corporate communications.

Another typeface which exhibits typical English qualities is Sally by Fontsmith which speaks for itself literally with the description used as the specimen sheet.

Both Caslon and Sally, as serifed faces work well at small point sizes with soft serifs allowing the eye to be drawn across the page at ease. The strokes are much more consistent in size contrary to the Italian faces that I have looked at, and exhibit a lot less rigidity in form.


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