Branding The Louis Rocca Trophy

The trophy itself as far as I can make out doesn’t actually exist and the name is just representative of what the game stands for which is honoringt Louis Rocca. Therefore I have a completely blank canvas to work with, but there are obviously some design influences that play some sort of role. These could be dictated by the era in which Rocca was a key figure for United, and as I have already stated, his multicultural life. The fact that Rocca worked in various roles for Manchester United for over 50 years means potentially there are a lot of different styles and art movements I can take inspiration from, there’s also the factor of whether I feel a contemporary design is going to be more suitable or a retrospective one. This is a fairly important factor as I want to promote this match as if it where to still be played every year from now on, therefore are the tickets going to resemble tickets from the early 20th century? or today’s? The fact that ticket designs tend to change from season to season suggests that I maybe it would be preferable to design my typeface according to those seen on early 20th century tickets. this may also be a more suitable option due to the fact that as far as attendence is concerned the game isn’t going to be that big, Salford Boys and Glasgow Boys Clubs tend not to draw that much attendance usually less than 1000 fans, to me this suggests that the style of ticket can be a bit more exuberent as the printing costs wont be as high, also this is a once a year match so designing a ticket that is more of a keepsake or collectors item rather than simply an admisson method may be more suitable.

Going back to what type of style my typeface should have in regards to the considertaion of the look of teh ticket, I feel I should draw upon a style from an era when Rocca was at his most uinfluential, that was between 1940 and 1950 when he persuaded Sir Matt Busby to become manager of Manchester United, Rocca was also a chief scout at this point and found many of the talented players who went on to become The Busby Babes. Therefore I want to look at not only ticket, but poster and programme designs for football games around that era.

Just to clarify, I am not suggesting that I should be designing a ticket, a poster and a programme, just to bear these in mind as potential applications for my typeface; however, when it comes to exhibiting my typeface one or more of these outcomes may be a more suitable medium to showcase my designs rather than just a simple specimen sheet.

These are a few examples of FA Cup Final Tickets from the 1940’s and straight a way there is a lot more information on there than I was expecting and an element I hadn’t focused that much on is also the use of numbers which are cruicial for generating a complete typeface. As well as there being mainly serifed faces visible, there is also the introduction of san serif styles. This is another aspect I would be keen to investigate, can I create a sans serif face based on my serif designs succesfully?


Retrospective styles have not always been the solution when focusing on events from the footballing past, for a league game against Manchester City 50 years on form the clubs worst disaster in history, the players wore strips based on those from the time. The design of the matchday programme however, remained contemporray and consistent with the clubs existing style, the image on the front however does depict a clock with the time of the Munich Air Disaster in a clearly retrospective typeface. A similar sans serif typeface is clearly visible on a programme from the 1949 /1950 season.

This design is always going to be somewhat biased however, as it is Manchester United’s own match day programme, the programme for The Louis Rocca Trophy will completely neutral similarly to those from an FA Cup final. This is something I may want to take into consideration as I don’t want my typeface to deem to be more biased to a particular club, but not entirely cruicial.


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