Sans Serif

Having already established a possible total of 3 serif typefaces and highlighting some sans serif styles incorporated into 1940’s / 1950’s ticket stubs, I am considering introducing a sanserif typeface into my font family. This however presents me with a problem. Sans serif typefaces where first developed around the same time that Louis Rocca was in his element at Manchester United; therefore, initial designs where mainly grotesque, meaning that there was very little deviation in stroke width around a letterform, from there 2 other styles evolved, humanist and geometric. Neither of which particulalry represent a 1940’s / 1950’s style. The main problem however is combining serif and sans serif faces into the same font family. There are a number of contemporary success stories such as Stone Sans & Stone Serif designed in 1987  (Scala Sans is a humanist face) and FF Scala / FF Scala Sans designed in 1993 (FF Scala Sans is grotesque). The issue here is that most sans serifs that are designed to work with serif faces are humanist as they mimic the stroke patterns of a serif face and as i’ve already stated humanist styles where something that came after the initial grotesque era (the style on the ticket stubs). Despite being a grotesque sans serif, FF Scala does appear to mimic humanist styles with the angles created by the strokes.

Ultimately this leads to one question, can I create a 1950’s style grotesque sans serif, that is un-mistakably part of the same family as the rest of my already established serif faces?

Preview Image

This is a typical grotesque / grotesk face

Preview Image

and this is a typical geometric style

Preview Image

finally a humanist face, this one in particular is basically a serif with serifs removed.

Finally, the typefaces I have already designed rely very heavily on a contrast between thick and thin strokes (a typical Italian trait) which now makes it impossible for me to derive a grotesk sans serif from my current designs. Ultimately I need to decide whether my sans serif needs to be grotesk like the FA Cup ticket examples, or humanist so that it works well with my existing serif faces.


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