Sans Serif Update

Since declaring that it would be impossible for me to create a grotesque sans serif based on my serif designs (because of the contrasting strokes) I have actually found some examples of grotesque and serif faces working together in harmony. One particular example is the relationship between URW Grotesk and URW Antiqua both designed by Hermann Zapf in 1985. This shows that it is possible to derive a grotesque face from a serif face albeit 35 years on from the style I am looking to recreate! Regardless of this, in some weights of URW Grotesk, such as URW Regular and URW Medium their are some correlations with much earlier grotesque faces.

(URW Grotesk Regular)

(URW Grotesk Medium)

The serif version URW Antiqua is not too dissimilar to my designs, in respect that it combines thick and thin strokes.

(URW Antiqua Regular)

Looking at these two very different styles it’s very difficult to decipher how they are related, there are very limited connections in terms of the construction and yet the two styles have been proven to work in harmony. Perhaps this is the key to generating two separate styles that work in unison, forget about trying to recreate a serif in sans serif form (which generally results in a humanist face) and focus more on developing a style of grotesque face that emulates a 1950’s style but still compliments my established serif styles.


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